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Custom Cut Foam

Showing 8 results

Showing 8 results

If you need custom-cut foam in Melbourne, let Pools Foam & Rubber help you. We provide a huge range of foams for different applications, all able to be cut to your specifications. We cut while you wait, meaning you’ll have your custom-sized cut foam quickly.

If you’re tired of noise complaints from neighbours from your drum kit, garage band or home woodworking business, foam is an excellent sound absorption material. We offer two types of acoustic foams, with one being convoluted, which looks like an egg carton. This provides enhanced noise-dampening properties which will prevent echoing and noise complaints.

We have foams that are perfect for insulation. With its small cells and dense texture, Atilon and Formshield are perfect for insulating your car, boat, or RV, or providing extra padding in the ceilings to prevent painful bumps.

For sofa cushions or dining chairs, high-density foam is a great choice. For couch backs, opt for a slightly less supportive medium-density foam that will allow you to sink back and relax.

If you have roll bars in your car, it is vital to cover them with material that will absorb shock and prevent you from being injured. We provide roll bar covers made from a closed cell polyethylene foam that is light and strong. With an offset mounting hole, you can select where the most padding should be placed.