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Showing 20 of 50 results

At Pools Foam & Rubber, we provide a wide range of pool accessories to Melbourne residents, to help you keep your pool looking and performing its best. We aim to make the pool maintenance experience as easy as possible.

We offer a variety of cleaning tools and a premium range of pool chemicals. Whether you’re looking for filter cleaners and degreasers, chlorine removersalkalinity increasers, or swimming pool salts and minerals, we have you covered. Our pool chemical range includes products from Lo-Chlor, MagnaPool, EcoClear, Zodiac, and other leading brands.

If you’ve got a pump, filter, robot, or other pool appliance that has a broken part, or you want to buy a new one, we stock a range of new and spare pool parts to get your equipment up and running again.

Test your water pH, chlorine level, and calcium with Quikcheck’s testing strips. We also offer free pool water testing. Just bring a sample to us and we will use our computerised system to test your water and offer advice on the spot!