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Showing 20 of 27 results

Showing 20 of 27 results

Pools Foam & Rubber stock and provide a large range of rubber mats in Melbourne and the surrounds. Our rubber matting can be cut to size to provide a customised solution to slippery floors, fatigue and pain and so much more.

We provide a wide range of safety mats. These mats are not only non-slip but have a unique bubble pattern that’s designed to combat leg swelling and fatigue. The bubbles cause small leg and foot movements to maintain balance, increasing circulation.

For cars, we stock boot and floor mats in both rubber and carpet. These mats will keep dust, hair, mud and food from sticking to your car’s interior. For the home, consider adding an anti-vibration pad below your washer and dryer for a more peaceful clothes-washing experience.

Rubber Ute Mats

You may have never considered purchasing a rubber Ute mat before. Melbourne contractors and tradespeople have begun to see the benefits of placing rubber mats in their Ute trays to improve grip and reduce rust.

Our rubber Ute mats are designed to fit into the back of a Ute and can be cut to size to fit perfectly. The raised honeycomb design prevents water from pooling under tools and other items, preventing rust. The rubber is non-slip, meaning any items in the back will stay put.