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Showing 20 of 80 results

Showing 20 of 80 results

Whether you’re looking for pinchweldsglazing rubberU channels or any other extruded rubber product, we can help! Pools Foam & Rubber stock the largest range of rubber extrusions anywhere in Melbourne, all affordably priced and high-quality.

Our variety of rubber extrusion shapes are produced by forcing rubber material through a shaped die, which produces a long strip of rubber in the desired shape and size. We use dies which are carefully produced and measured to ensure the end result is exact, and will work perfectly for any application you choose.

Along with a variety of long strips, we also produce ramps and blocks which serve to make moving wheelbarrows and carts over kerbs and driveways easier, as well as keeping items or carts from moving once set down.

If you’re not sure exactly what product you need, don’t worry. Our knowledgeable and friendly team can discuss your needs with you and recommend the perfect option. Contact Pools Foam & Rubber now.