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Showing 13 results

Foam mattresses are an excellent choice for everyone, no matter your sleeping position and support needs. Pools Foam & Rubber are the top providers of foam mattresses in Melbourne that are durable, comfortable, and guaranteed to give you a perfect night’s sleep.

Benefits of a foam mattress:

Foam mattresses are hypoallergenic, which means fewer allergies keeping you up at night. We offer both medium and firm levels of firmness so you can decide which will be the most comfortable for you. Whether you’re a side, front, or back sleeper, foam mattresses will provide incredible support.

We provide cot mattresses in custom sizes, made from medium firmness foam which is soft yet supportive for comfort and safety. With 2 thicknesses, you can choose which level of support would be ideal for your baby and keep the cot as safe as possible.

Caravan Mattress

Sleeping in a caravan doesn’t need to mean a pinched neck and sore back. Pools Foam & Rubber provide caravan mattresses in Melbourne that are comfortable enough that you’ll never want your holiday to end!

We will take the measurements you provide to us to custom-fit your foam mattress to a non-standard bed size, pull-out couch or space needing rounded corners. This means no gaps or awkward mattress corners sticking into your space. Or, if you have standard beds, we can provide single, double and queen beds quickly.

No need to worry about muddy footprints or sweat! Our mattresses come with removable cotton-polyester blend covers, which are machine washable for convenience.