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Pools Foam & Rubber are the premier provider of rubber products in Craigieburn. We have over 200 different grommets, tapes, seals, and extrusions, so you’ll always be able to find what you need. We offer many different sizes and forms of pinchweld. The unique locking design makes them perfect for covering sharp edges on doors, trolleys and shelves, reducing the risk of injury.

Rubber Sheets Craigieburn

We stock several different patterns of rubber sheeting, including studded and ribbed, which are designed for non-slip properties. Slips and falls at the workplace are hazardous, and non-slip mats are a great way to minimise this. Our insertion rubber is reinforced and comes in 1 or 2-ply. Its inelastic and tear-resistant properties make it an excellent choice for conveyor belts or other machinery use. Our insertion rubber comes in a variety of thicknesses to work with your existing machinery.

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Rubber Mats Craigieburn

We have a range of rubber matting, including Ute and caravan mats, that will keep you, your crew and your tools safe. Our Ute matting is made of hard-wearing rubber with a stippled design, making it an excellent way to prevent slips and falls when accessing your Ute tray. Additionally, tools left in contact with the metal of the Ute tray can cause rust. By using Ute matting, your tools are elevated and allowed to dry, preventing rust on tools and vehicles alike.

Click here to see our range of rubber products. If you’d like advice from our staff on the perfect product for your needs, contact us today.

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